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Fellow Ontarians,

We have only 3 months to save Glen Abbey from development. The planning hearing (LPAT) for the developer’s plan is scheduled to begin in early August.

Now is our time to act!

Glen Abbey is a valuable green space, a Cultural Heritage Landscape under the Ontario Heritage Act, and of historical significance. This special property being at risk means no property in Ontario is safe from the threat of development.

Town Council has repeatedly rejected the proposal to build more than 3,000 unplanned residential units, 121,000 square feet of commercial space, roads, and services.  

Recently, Save Glen Abbey, together with We Love Oakville and Oakvillegreen, met with MPPs Crawford & Triantafilopoulos to reiterate our support for Oakville’s planning document – Livable Oakville – which designates areas of planned development. Glen Abbey is NOT a planned growth area and never has been.

Our MPPs repeated their support for saving Glen Abbey and advised that to be heard we ALL need to send a strong message to Queen’s Park that Oakville and Ontario DO NOT want unplanned development.

We have launched a campaign to fill government officials’ mailboxes with a pre-written email reminding them of their campaign promises to save Glen Abbey. 

Your message will be sent to: The Hon. Doug Ford (Premier); The Hon. Doug Downey (Attorney General); The Hon. Steve Clark (Min. Municipal Affairs); The Hon. Jeff Yurek (Min. Environment, Conservation & Parks); The Hon. Lisa MacLeod (Min. Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries); MPP Stephen Crawford (Oakville); MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos (Oakville North – Burlington); Ms. Andrea Horwath (Hamilton Centre & Leader of the Official Opposition); Mr. Steven Del Duca (Leader – Ontario Liberal Party); MPP Mike Schreiner (Guelph & Leader of the Green Party of Ontario); Ms. Kaniz Mouli (Liberal Party Candidate Oakville North – Burlington); Ms. Alison Gohel (Liberal Party Candidate Oakville); Mr. James Wallace (Chief of Staff – Office of the Premier); Mr. Amin Massoudi (Principal Secretary – Office of the Premier); Mayor Rob Burton; and Oakville Town Councillors.

This issue is much bigger than Glen Abbey. The outcome will have broad implications for all of Ontario for many years to come.  Please send the pre-written email now.

Thank you!

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    I am writing to voice my concern that ClubLink is proposing to destroy an invaluable cultural heritage resource in the Town of Oakville by replacing the Glen Abbey Golf Course with a massive high-­‐rise redevelopment, contrary to provincial planning policy, and the Region of Halton and Oakville Official Plans, which do not allow this type of intensification in a mature residential neighbourhood, far removed from planned transit. Please consider:

    • Town Council unanimously rejected the development proposal multiple times;

    • Glen Abbey Golf Course is an historic and internationally-­‐renowned golf course designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, which has hosted 30 Canadian Open championship -­‐ more than any other course;

    • Glen Abbey is a landmark in the Town of Oakville, and is designated a Cultural Heritage Landscape under the Ontario Heritage Act;

    • Glen Abbey’s unique cultural heritage value distinguishes it from other golf course redevelopment applications across the province;

    • the Livable Oakville Official Plan guides the development and growth of our community and conforms to the Province of Ontario’s Growth Plan;

    • Glen Abbey is not designated as one of the Town’s growth areas planned to accommodate major intensification and new urban development – but is located in a mature residential neighbourhood;

    • Glen Abbey is located nowhere near the planned transportation corridors on which governments are making significant financial investment – unlike the Town’s planned growth areas such as Midtown Oakville and Uptown Core;

    • this type of high-­‐density, car-­‐dependent development – which is entirely contrary to provincial land use planning policy – is especially concerning as we witness the urgent climate and biodiversity crises;

    • the province’s current housing crisis cannot be solved by approving high-­‐density development in the wrong location;

    • Oakville does not want to destroy this property to gain publicly accessible parkland; and

    • a private property owner should not be able to overturn a community’s carefully-­‐crafted plan for growth that was developed with provincial input and in accordance with provincial policy.
    I ask you, a government that bills itself as ‘for the people’, to uphold provincial planning policy, the Livable Oakville Plan and the will of Ontarians who do not want our precious cultural heritage resources bulldozed to accommodate bad development at the whim of a private property owner. The outcome of this case will have broad implications for Oakville and other communities in Ontario for years to come. Oakville elected two MPPs who campaigned on saving Glen Abbey for future generations. I urge you to take visible action to protect the Glen Abbey property.

    Thank you