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The Glen Abbey Golf Course is the heart of Oakville and a property that is known worldwide.

The property sustains over one thousand trees, several species of wildlife and is an integral part of the 16 Mile Creek watershed.

There is no current or planned infrastructure to support development at Glen Abbey. Furthermore, Glen Abbey is not a growth node as indicated in the Liveable Oakville Plan, developed over many years.

After exhaustive research by experts, the property is now designated as a Heritage and Cultural landscape by the Town of Oakville, having met all nine of the nine categories for Heritage designation.

In Glen Abbey’s forty-six year history, this golf course has held more PGA Open Championships than any other course in the world.

If the green space of Glen Abbey is destroyed or developed, a significant part of what makes Oakville a desirable place to live is erased for future generations.

We urge you, the politicians, to take action now before the next election and backdate Bill 139 to May 2017.

How we vote will depend on what you do!