June Update

There are many moving parts in the efforts to prevent Glen Abbey from being destroyed.  A couple of appeals were heard over the month, and an LPAT procedural decision made since we last updated you.

Provincial Court of Appeal

In May two cases pertaining to Glen Abbey were heard by the Provincial Court of Appeal:

  • May 21 – Ontario Court of Appeals hearing regarding Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision that ClubLink has the right to make an application to the town under s.34(1) of the Ontario Heritage Act for demolition and/or removal of buildings on the Property and of the other structures.
  • May 23 – Ontario Court of Appeals hearing regarding Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision to quash Oakville’s Cultural Heritage Landscape Conservation Plan for Glen Abbey and the by-laws/amendments implementing the strategy.

The decisions on these matters are expected sometime in the summer, or early fall.

LPAT Process

  • On June 14 the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) rejected the March 27 motion by the Town of Oakville that the ClubLink appeals be heard in two sections i.e.:

1) Growth Management, Urban Structure and Cultural Heritage; and

2) Technical Issues (breaking down into categories of Water and Wastewater, Water Resources and Natural Heritage, Noise Impacts, Transportation, Planning, Urban Design and Community Facilities).

  • As a result the appeals will deal with sections 1 and 2 at the same time.
  • This decision is a procedural matter, and while the Town has lost a little skirmish the bigger fight continues.

We need to keep pressure on our MPPs and Federal candidates to take action to conserve Glen Abbey Golf Course.  We didn’t elect them to sit by and watch as developers try to destroy this historic site.

If you’re out and about at events this summer and get the chance to talk to elected officials, and candidates, remind them that saving Glen Abbey is important to you and your neighbours.  Ask MPPs what they’re doing to fulfill their promises to save Glen Abbey, ask Federal candidates what they will do if elected to preserve this historic site, and thank council members and the mayor for what they’ve been doing.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!