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    DATE: June 16, 2021

    ITEM: Protection of Glen Abbey Lands

    Council Meeting – June 16, 2021


    MOVED BY: Gary Carr, Regional Chair

    SECONDED BY: Councillor Allan Elgar

    WHEREAS the Glen Abbey lands have historically served an important role within the
    cultural fabric, local heritage and community in the Town of Oakville;

    AND WHEREAS the Glen Abbey lands is home to a world-renowned golf course that
    has hosted the Canadian Open the greatest number of times in the country and is
    considered a local, Regional, Provincial and national treasure that should be protected
    for future generations;

    AND WHEREAS ClubLink Corporation ULC and ClubLink Holdings Limited (ClubLink)
    has applied for development approvals to permit 3,222 residential units and over
    127,000 square feet of office commercial, retail commercial and market retail space on
    the Glen Abbey lands, which would result in the permanent loss of the world-renowned
    golf course and green space;

    AND WHEREAS ClubLink’s applications have been appealed by ClubLink to the Local
    Planning Appeal Tribunal, to be continued as the Ontario Land Tribunal, with a hearing
    scheduled to commence in August 2021;

    AND WHEREAS considerable municipal resources have been dedicated to protecting
    the Glen Abbey lands from development that would ignore the importance of these
    lands to the Glen Abbey community, the Town, and broader Halton community as a

    AND WHEREAS the protection of the Glen Abbey lands is supported at the Provincial
    level by Member of Provincial Parliament Stephen Crawford, who has also presented a
    petition to the Legislature to explore various options to protect the lands;

    AND WHEREAS to date the Province has not taken steps to protect the Glen Abbey


    THAT Regional Council request the Province to use all resources and tools at its
    disposal to protect the Glen Abbey lands from future development that would undermine
    the importance of these lands to the Town, the Region and its residents.

    AND FURTHER THAT this resolution be circulated to Premier Doug Ford, the
    Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the City of
    Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton and the Town of Oakville, the
    Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the leaders of the Provincial opposition parties,
    Halton’s MPPs, and the Greater Golden Horseshoe municipalities.

    Your message will be sent to: The Hon.Gary Carr(Regional Chair), The Hon.Allan Elgar(Councillor) .

    This issue is much bigger than Glen Abbey. The outcome will have broad implications for all of Ontario for many years to come.  Please send the pre-written email now.

    Thank you!

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