Save Glen Abbey: A new challenge.

Four properties including Glen Abbey, were identified as high priority sites for further study in the Phase One Cultural Heritage Landscape Inventory endorsed by Council.

Therefore, well before Clublink initially applied to develop the golf course in November 2016, our Council had identified Glen Abbey as a potential significant Heritage Landscape that needed protection. 

Since then, supported the vast majority of Oakville residents, the Council have been unanimous in approving the many, many actions and investments needed to fight the relentless appeals and lawsuits brought by Clublink.

They have done this for two simple reasons:

First, Glen Abbey is, as they have determined and declared, a significant Heritage Landscape. It’s presence and history in the heart of Oakville make it very special. 

Second, and perhaps even more importantly. It is WE, the citizens of our Town, through the Council WE elect and the plans they review and approve who decide what is built where.

It is not one developer trying to simply make money, who can build what they want, where they want.

Our Town rightly invested millions in developing our Livable Oakville Plan, consulting citizens, the Region and aligned with Provincial guidelines. We must stop attempts to destroy this plan.

If anyone was allowed to build what they wanted, where they want neighbourhoods and the character of our Town would be destroyed.

As we continue to fight the Clublink development, a new threat is emerging. This time in the form of a review of Municipal and Regional governments conducted by the Province.

Why a threat?

One possible outcome: the forced amalgamation of the Towns of Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills into a new “City of Halton”.

No more Oakville Council to fight for our needs and rights! Instead only a Regional Council where the majority of people deciding our fate do not live here and can not truly represent our unique needs.

The process has already begun. The time window to comment and make your views known has been made very short.

Tell the Province what you want for our Town. Do it now! The survey closes February 27th. Forward this message or post it to friends and all who care about the fate of Oakville. It is you who can make a difference.

Click here to pre-fill an email to provincial leaders: Tell the Province

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2. Copy and paste in the following text and hit send.

The Oakville Council has designated the Glen Abbey Golf course a Heritage and Cultural Landscape. This property has been an important part of Oakville’s history since 1976, more than half a century.

Glen Abbey should not be destroyed for mere profit while ignoring the will of the Town. The Town of Oakville, along with Halton Region, the majority of Oakville residents and key organizations continue to fight for the Town’s democratic right to plan development in growth nodes, consistent with the Oakville Livable Plan.

The current proposal to amalgamate municipal and regional governments threatens Oakville’s autonomy to plan for sustainable future growth. In Oakville, we are well served by our elected Council. Amalgamation of Oakville into a Halton mega city will severely diminish our democratic ability to protect our heritage, culture and the Oakville Livable Plan. The proposal threatens Oakville’s current vision to protect landscapes such as the Glen Abbey Golf Course. The residents of Oakville desire a municipal government that continues to responsibly guide growth for generations.

As we continue to build Canada’s history, please do not dismantle our existing municipal system, which has resulted in Oakville being named “The best place to live in Canada” (*Moneysense magazine 2018)


Thank you,
Save Glen Abbey