Top 30 Reasons to Save Glen Abbey

1. Glen Abbey has hosted 30 Canadian Open tournaments – more than any other course.

2. The legendary Jack Nicklaus designed this stadium, hub-and-spoke style course.

3. It is an internationally-recognized Canadian treasure.

4. Town Council unanimously rejected this development multiple times.

5. The property is zoned as open space NOT residential. – Livable Oakville Plan

6. The Town currently meets provincial growth targets without developing this property.

7. Approx. 3,222 residential units + 121,000 sf commercial would replace open space.

8. Over 1,200 mature and semi-mature trees will be destroyed.

9. An estimated population of 6,627 would be housed in an area smaller than the course.

10. The property is nowhere near planned transportation hubs.

Ready to Save Glen Abbey?

11. Over 5,000 cars & commercial vehicles will be added to a busy traffic corridor.

12. Children would be bused or driven to schools that are already over-crowded.

13. Paving greenspace is irresponsible during an environmental and biodiversity crisis.

14. We have a responsibility to preserve open space for future generations.

15. We must protect Halton Region’s largest watershed.

16. Unplanned development is NOT for ‘the people’.

17. If this Cultural Heritage Landscape can be demolished, similar destruction can happen anywhere in Ontario.

18. To protect ALL Ontario communities’ right to plan.

19. The Livable Oakville Plan was developed following provincial planning policy.

20. Glen Abbey is an iconic golf course. Why replace it with 2,724 apartments*, 299 townhouses, and 114 single homes? *Some as tall as 12 storeys – Glen Redevelopment Plan

I’m ready to Save Glen Abbey now!

21. The Livable Oakville Plan was approved by the Region and the Province.

22. Local & regional government, conservation authorities, and environmental groups all oppose this development.

23. There are six planned growth areas in Oakville. Glen Abbey is NOT one of them.

24. Thousands of residents DO NOT want this development.

25. Who benefits from destroying the heart of Oakville? Not the community!

26. Communities need open space NOT urban sprawl.

27. The Glen Abbey community was planned around this zoned open space.

28. Cultural Heritage Landscapes in Ontario must be protected.

29. Heritage honours and protects our history, once gone it can never be replaced.

30. A property owner’s rights should not supersede a community’s right to plan.

I’ve heard enough! Let’s Save Glen Abbey!

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